Friday, August 6, 2010

Growing Fast - One Month

Sunflowers, now more than knee-high.

An assassin bug, who is thankful for organic farmers!

The sunflower buds are just starting to show!

Dewy soybean leaves.

Blossoms! Hooray!

The beans are just starting to 'canopy'. That means that the leaves are meeting across the rows, and shading out the weeds. They also conserve moisture better at this stage.

It's hard to beat an early morning walk together while the children are still snoozing!

Growing - Three Weeks

Those soybeans really bush out fast!

The experimental plot of popcorn is looking nice! I think it may be enough to
last us through the winter.
And hopefully next year, we'll be able to plant enough for you too!

Hmm, the amaranth is looking rather bug-eaten. We'll need to do some research on that before we plant several acres of it next year.

The sunflowers are really popping up nicely!


Prevention is the best cure. And weeds grow fast!

Growing Fast - One Week