Friday, October 29, 2010

Growing Some More

Pods are forming near the end of September! It's exciting to watch! David will count the number of pods per plant, multiply by the number of beans per pod (2-3), multiply that by the number of plants per acre, and come up with a bushel per acre yield estimate.

I'll admit that I just stand there and nod. I'm not a numbers person. Even with a calculator in my hand, I'm still not sure unless I've run the numbers through it a few times.

More and more sunflowers are opening. So pretty!

Early in the morning is a good time to do some hand weeding. The weeds aren't bad in our fields, but we don't want those stray pokeberries dyeing our soybeans at harvest time!

Our brave assistants thought it was more comfortable to huddle in the truck with blankets than to get out and help!

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