Friday, June 11, 2010

2009 ~ Our First Year

Last year we planted about 30 acres of soybeans. David was so happy to finally be busy farming again!

The process of becoming certified organic has been interesting. We've enjoyed getting to know the folks at Oregon Tilth.

Sometimes little helpers are lulled to sleep by the roaring and bouncing of a tractor ride.

We took many walks through the bean fields, inspecting, admiring, and looking for little bean pods! I learned a lot about soybeans this year. The children did too. Even Katri, at two years old, soon became adept at finding little beans!

Bringing out the combine at harvest time.
It was fun to ride along with David in the combine. The shrivelled and dried up little plants yielded an amazing abundance of those little round beans.
Unloading the wagon, and filling the grain bin.
Overall, our first year of farming was a happy success. The beans produced well. We were able to buy some farming equipment, and still come out with a little extra money for living expenses. In the current farming economy, that's great!
This year we have a few new plans up our sleeve, and we're working hard to make them a reality. Stay tuned!

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