Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our Farm - A Family Project

David is definitely the primary farmer in the house. He does most of the work. But farming is a family affair. We're all involved, one way or another. Daddy never lacks for volunteers to 'go along' when he's heading out the door.

I'm the bookkeeper, picture-taker, and general keeping-it-all-together manager. I'm also the blogger.

So, why don't you join us? There's always room for one more to bounce along on the fender of the tractor, and you can't have too many hands when it's time to pick rocks in the field.

Come and see how one family is working towards farming in a way that is sustainable, organic, local, and also financially able to support itself, and us.

We want to share the joy of growing things. We love to get out and dig in the dirt, and we hope you do too!


SindiRoo said...

Looks like it is off to a great start! BTW, how does the mobile help the farming??

Peachtree said...

Do you mean the little thing David is holding? That's a GPS for farmers, it will tell you how many acres a field has. A useful tool for calculating rental fees, amount of seed or fertilizer needed, yield per acre, etc. It's good to know exactly how much land you are working with, rather than just knowing that it is 'around 15 acres'.

Did I answer your question?