Thursday, July 8, 2010

Field Preparation

Sustainable agriculture calls for a game plan. You must feed your soil if you want it to feed you.

In March, David planted oats for a cover crop.
In May they were really coming along nicely!
Checking the root growth. According to my amazing man - who knows so much about plants and soil - roots are a very important part of adding organic matter to your soil. And organic matter is the very life and breath of your ground.

Looking good!

We love our earthworms!


Laurel said...

I am so enjoying this blog, Rachel. It's interesting and educational, and I love the pictures. Thanks!

Peachtree said...

Thanks Laurel! I'm having fun writing it!

Sometimes I think I should title my posts "Dear Laurel" since you're the only one who ever comments . . . I know I have other readers, but they seem to enjoy their lurker status.