Tuesday, July 20, 2010

They're Up!

" . . . to plant seeds and watch the renewal of life . . . "
~ Charles Dudley Warner
Just four days later, on July 3rd, we found bean sprouts all over the field! In a couple more days, the sunflowers were making a pretty good show!
The popcorn was a little slow in coming, due to a lack of moisture. But after a good rain, we got a nice stand of popcorn too.

We didn't even know what amaranth looked like. We're learning now!

Not all of the soybeans had come up before the 2 + inches of rain we had. So a lot of the seeds got trapped under the crust that followed. But you can't underestimate the power of a soybean. And especially the combined forces of many beans. See that crack in the picture above?
They just pushed that heavy crust right out of their way, and came on up anyhow! I was quite impressed with their strength!
One thing is for sure, I've learned a lot about depending on God since we've started growing crops. We pray earnestly about the weather during the growing season. But no matter how our harvest turns out, we know that our God provides for us. He is always faithful.

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